ownersmanualProper documentation of your building process will improve the quality of your yacht.

Also it will improve the efficiency of your building process. As many boat builders are focussed on the building process of the yacht, no time is available to file all the technical documentation. Wijma Marine Consultants is happy to manage this documentation of the yacht and the building process on a clearly way.

Also it is possible to develop special checklists to guarantee the quality of the yacht.

The Recreational Craft Directive, which is applicable of yachts less then 24 metres, requires a technical construction file. This file shall contain all the information how the boat has been build and shall explain why the yacht is in compliance with the directive.

Safety management system

The MCA or CCV regulations require a mini ISM (International Safety Managament) to be onboard the yacht.

Each operator should create a safe working environment, which should include the following:
– A health and safety protection policy
– Procedures to ensure safe operation of vessels in compliance with the regulations and rules
– Lines of communication between personnel, ashore and afloat
– Procedures for reporting accidents
– Procedures for responding to emergency situations

In cooperation with the master and crew we can produce the required documents. Also it is possible to provide a safety video for the crew or passengers.